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Traceability: Is the Continued Criticism Warranted? Webinar

United Fresh Produce Association

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This is a recording of the United Fresh Webinar Series program that was presented live on September 20, 2018. More than a decade ago, the inability to quickly address produce-related outbreaks was blamed on traceability. Despite the launch of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), the accessibility of technology, and advances such as Blockchain, regulators, consumer groups, and the media still pointed an accusatory finger at industry traceability during recent outbreaks. Why? Understand the improvements that have been made, the challenges that persist, and how the entirety of the supply chain is coming together to tackle this issue. This webinar will review the difference between an outbreak investigation and a recall, what traceability can and canít do, the current status of FSMA and other traceability regulations, and why regulations are not the solution. All supply chain members should join this webinar, particularly those who are NOT currently subject to one up/one down FDA recordkeeping requirements. Speakers: Dr. Jennifer McEntire, Vice President Food Safety &Technology, United Fresh Ed Treacy, Vice President, Supply Chain Efficiency, PMA

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Product ID: uf2018-20
Publication Year: 2018