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Designing Craveable, Flavor-focused Labels for Plant-forward Dishes Using the Edgy Veggies Toolkit Webinar

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This is a recording of the United Fresh Webinar Series program that was presented live on February 13, 2020. Want to design edgier, flavor-focused descriptions for your plant-forward dishes? This webinar will explore cutting edge research about the language used to describe healthy foods throughout American culture, and details a step-by-step toolkit for using language insights to boost sales and customer satisfaction with plant-forward foods. We'll first uncover the language used to describe healthy foods by top-selling restaurant menus, media advertisements, and social media posts in American culture, which primarily focus on health qualities and benefits instead of flavor and positive experiences. We'll then use these language insights to flip the script - and use indulgent, exciting, provocative language to promote the choosing and enjoyment of vegetables and plant-forward dishes in real-world settings, using the Edgy Veggies Toolkit. Attendees will receive access to and instructions for using the Edgy Veggies Toolkit in their organization; be able to articulate the importance of labeling for consumer food decisions; and understand the evidence supporting taste-focused labeling strategies to boost sales and consumer satisfaction with plant-forward foods. Speaker: Bradley Turnwald, PhD, Stanford University, Department of Psychology

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Product ID: uf2020-10
Publication Year: 2020