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Fresh Insights for Foodservice Summer 2019 reports on pineapples, collard greens, grapefruit and parsnips as well as kebabs & skewers and soups & stews. In addition, this issue's "View From Above" looks at how produce enlivens menus at colleges & universities, including an interview with 2019 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Award winner Lesa Holford, Corporate Executive Chef, The Ohio State University.

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Product #uf2019-31

The FreshFacts® on Retail Q2 2019 Report features insights on organics and value-added produce, as well as category-specific data and category spotlights on apples, celery and brussel sprouts, as well as a look at top commodities purchased by families with children in their household.

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Product #uf2019-32

The fifth edition of the Compensation & Benefits Report showcases data from produce companies on a range of more than 30 professional industry positions including Sales & Marketing, Production & Operations, Quality Control & Assurance, Administration, Finance & Accounting, and Executives.

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Product #uf2019-15

Produce handling operations are encouraged to use this guidance along with other resources 1) to determine their level of vulnerability to Listeria harborage that may lead to produce contamination and 2) if vulnerable, to develop and implement an effective Listeria monitoring and control program.

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Product #uf2019-06

These guidelines provide recommended food safety practices that are intended to minimize the microbiological hazards associated with fresh and fresh-cut tomato products.

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Product #UF2018-15

Developed by the United Fresh Wholesaler-Distributor board, this resource provides checklists for interviewing, safety, warehouse training, loading skills, receiving and driver delivery.

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Product #uf2018-17

1 - 6 of 6 results